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Breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical procedure to raise and reshape sagging breasts. Overtime, a woman’s breasts can losing their youthful look and firmness. Often these changes and loss of skin elasticity are brought on by several different factors including age, pregnancy, and breast feeding. Constant changes in weight, heredity and gravity can also have an affect of the shape of the breasts overtime.

Breast lift is performed to combat these problems by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. It also aims at contouring and making the breasts more firm, giving them a more youthful, uplifting their appearance. In some cases, a the size of the areola that may have become enlarged over time can also be reduced. Breast lift is a great way to rejuvenate your figure, giving you back a more proportionate, natural figure.

Candidates for Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift is a procedure that can be performed at any age, but patients are highly recommended to wait until breast development has stopped. Since pregnancy and breast-feeding often cause unpredictable and significant changes to the breasts, many women choose to wait until they are done having children. Nevertheless, many women still choose to undergo breast lift before having children and choose to address any subsequent changes afterwards. Breast lift does not affect the milk ducts or nipples which are left fully intact, and, therefore, in the majority of cases, will not affect your ability to breast feed. Mastopexy also does not affect sensation in most cases.

Those who may qualify as a good candidate for breast lift surgery may one or more of the following conditions:

  • Breasts that have lost their shape, firmness, or volume
  • Breasts that appear to sag and are pendulous
  • Breasts that appear to be flatter, or have an elongated shape
  • Nipples and areolae that point downward
  • Nipples that fall bellow the breast crease when unsupported
  • Nipples and areolae appear stretched and enlarged
  • One breast is lower than the other

Breast lift candidates also should be in good health both physically and emotionally. Also breast lift is ideal for women who are of a healthy weight and do not smoke. It is a highly individualized procedure; therefore, it is important to be informed about the procedure and know what kind of results you can possibly achieve.

Breast Lift Surgery

When patients are realistic about what the surgery can accomplish, breast lift can produce exceptional results. The procedure does leave scars on the breasts which usually heal well. Like other body contouring procedures, mastopexy involves trading the scars for improved contour.

Dr. Core performs a vertical mastopexy, a technique that involves only one scar that extends from the nipple complex vertically down to the fold under the breast. As such, there is usually no scar extending horizontally in the fold of the breast. During the procedure, Dr. Core will lift and reshape the underlying breast tissue to improve breast contour and firmness. He will also reposition the nipple and areola to a natural, more youthful height and if necessary will decrease the size of enlarged areolae. Dr. Core will also remove any excess breast skin to compensate for the loss of skin elasticity. In the case of a patient who has an extreme amount of skin compared to the remaining breast volume, there may a need for a short horizontal scar under the breast.

Recovering from Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure. The amount of scarring around the breast is a function of how much lift is needed. This is determined by the patient’s individual breast anatomy. Following your breast lift, bandages or dressings may be applied to the incisions and you will be asked to wear elastic bandages or a support bra to help minimize swelling and support your breasts while they heel. Patients are often able to return to work within a week following the procedure.

Complications of breast lift surgery could include bleeding, infection, asymmetry, and raised or widened scar. When deciding to undergo breast lift, it is important to determine whether the benefits of the procedure outweigh any associated risks or complications. For many women who are good candidates, the benefits of a breast lift are life changing, improving their confidence and even their overall quality of life. Additionally, unless you gain a significant amount of weight or become pregnant, the results of your breast lift should remain fairly the same.

Combining Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation

In same cases, women want to significantly change the size of their breast or improve the roundness of the upper part of their breast. For these women, Dr. Core offers augmentation mastopexy, combining breast lift with a placement of a breast implant. This is usually performed for the purpose of adding volume to a breast that is not only sagging but also has loss of breast volume. The implant is usually placed underneath the muscle and may be either saline or silicone. Silicone is generally recommended in those patients who do not have a good amount of native tissue to cover the implant. Otherwise saline is usually recommended.

Dr. Core occasionally performs this procedure with an adjustable saline implant allowing the mastopexy incision and scar to heal for 2-3 weeks before inflating the implant during office visits. This postoperatively adjustable implant allows the patient’s flexibility in the size after surgery but also requires multiple weekly office visits for inflation. Approximately six weeks after attaining her preferred size, the small injection dome that has been placed underneath the skin under the breast is removed. Dr. Core performs this minor procedure in the office using local anesthesia. Dr. Core has found that this combination of breast lift with postoperatively adjustable implants allows certain patients who are unsure about their post op size more flexibility. However, most patients do not require this approach after consultation with Dr. Core.

If you would like more information on breast lift surgery, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Grady Core, please contact Core Plastic Surgery.