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Breast Reduction is a procedure which can significantly improve the quality of one’s life by reducing excess weight on the shoulders. Patients who experience symptoms of upper back, neck, and shoulder discomfort from enlarged breast, will benefit significantly from breast reduction surgery. In order to be a candidate for breast reduction surgery one must be willing to trade a large and uncomfortable breast without a scar for a smaller and more comfortable breast with a scar. However in the tradeoff there is usually a significant improvement in the shape of the breast as well. Although this procedure is considered functional and not cosmetic, we make every effort to perform it in an aesthetic manner and minimize scaring as much as possible. For patients with smaller reductions it can be done in a manner which leaves the scar only around the nipple and then extending from the nipple to the fold under the breast and then for a short distance to either side in the fold under the breast. Examples can be seen on this website.

Breast Reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes approximately two and half-hours. Patients are admitted into the hospital after surgery for an over night stay and almost all cases can go home the following morning. Surprisingly breast reduction surgery is not very painful and most patients will quit taking the oral pain medicine by the second or third day. Patients that do not have strenuous work requirements can return to work after one week. And almost all patients can return to work after two weeks. However, full healing of the surgery requires six weeks.

Complication rates in Dr. Core’s practice are less then 1% with the procedure being very reliable and reproducible in terms of outcome. In addition meticulous suturing techniques are utilized such that the postoperative scar is as refined as possible.

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