Breast Reduction FAQs

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, also known as a reduction mammaplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to reduce to size of your breasts. This works by removing some of the fat, tissue, and skin of your breasts. Patients who undergo this procedure typically seek relief of physical pain caused by overly large breasts, rather than simple cosmetic improvement.

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Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

There are many factors that determine good candidacy for breast reduction surgery. Mentally stable women who wish to reduce their breast size to alleviate medical problems like back pain or insomnia are good candidates. Stable men whose large breasts interfere with sports and routine activities are also good candidates. And both men and women who feel self conscious about their breast size, and are in good physical condition are also ideal.

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Can I get the same results without surgery?

Surgery is only performed when there is no other good alternative. If you have been recommended as a candidate for breast reduction surgery, Dr. Core has determined that surgery is your best bet. Without surgery, your problem cannot be corrected as successfully. The advantages and disadvantages of surgery will be discussed during your initial consultation. Breast surgery is only recommended if our experts believe that the pros outweigh the cons. Make sure you are happy and confident with your decision before undergoing the scalpel. You should go into the operation with a clear and confident frame of mind.

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Are there any medicines I should not take before surgery?

Yes. You should not take aspirin for two weeks prior to your surgery, as this may increase the risk of bleeding. Remember, many over the counter medicines contain aspirin so check the label carefully. Other medicines that may increase your risk of bleeding include Vitamin E and antihistamines. Many cold remedies contain antihistamines.

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Is there anything I can do to reduce scarring or bruising?

For the first day or two after surgery we recommend that you get more than enough rest. You can also reduce swelling by resting in a semi-upright position where your heart is higher than your chest—this help reduce swelling along with applying ice for the first 24 hours. Sometimes bruising can be alleviated by applying heat. However, be careful because the area around your incision is numb so it’s easy to burn yourself. There is no secret for reducing scars. Some patients believe that applying Vitamin E or Aloe Vera helps scars fade faster and more effectively. But be sure not to apply any cream until at least six weeks after surgery because your tissue is so fragile. Some surgeons like to use sheets of mineral oil or silicone to reduce heavy scarring. If you have tapes or stitches in place, do not use any cream or lotion unless instructed.

At Core & Associates you will receive the best possible care and attention. If you would like to schedule a private consultation, please contact our breast surgeon today.

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