Reconstructive Breast Surgery Birmingham

For many mastectomy patients, the loss of a breast is a severe emotional loss as well. This terrible experience can represent a loss of femininity, as loss of self-esteem, a loss of self.

The objective of breast reconstruction is to restore not only the breast that was lost, but everything else as well. It can help you put your loss behind you.

Breast Reconstruction Procedure

There are several approaches to breast reconstruction, depending on type of mastectomy and the condition of your skin. You’ll discuss your particular situation with your surgeon, in order to choose the approach that’s best for you.

Sometimes a simple implant is all that’s needed. Sometimes, in order to make room for an implant, the surgeon inserts a temporary device to expand the skin and underlying tissue. Sometimes he must transplant a flap of donor skin from your back or abdomen. Reconstructing the nipple and areola may require additional surgery, which is usually done in the office setting.

Breast reconstruction is a complex procedure, though it’s never as difficult or involved as the original cancer surgery. Even so, it’s usually performed under general anesthesia in a hospital, where you’ll probably need to stay for several days.

Breast Reconstruction Recovery

You may be up and around in a day or two, but you will have to avoid strenuous activity and overhead lifting for several weeks. Though the new breast will not have normal sensation, in time some feeling will return.

“Dr. Core and his staff are terrific. I have had several reconstruction surgery’s due to my cancer. He does not rush, He is a perfectionist. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs reconstruction.”

The results of reconstruction are usually outstanding: beautiful, natural breasts, soft to the touch. The restoration of our feminine figure can also restore your outlook and give you the new start you deserve.

Before Breast ReconstructionAfter Breast Reconstruction by Dr. Core

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