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OtoplastyEars that stick out are an especially serious problem for children. Prominent ears can make a child the victim of merciless teasing, jokes, and derogatory nicknames. In most cases repositioning the ears back alongside the head solves the problem completely.

That’s why the sooner in life the problem is corrected, the better. Ear Surgery or Otoplasty in Alabama can be done as early as age four or five (before entering school), and, of course, at any time for adults.

Ear Surgery Procedure

Though there are different approaches to the procedure, the most common one involves reshaping or removing some of the cartilage behind the ear. This pulls the ear back flat against the head. If the ears actually are oversized, they can be reduced and reshaped at the same time.

Since the incision is made on the back of the ear, any scar is faint and easily concealed by the natural creases there.

Ear Surgery Recovery

The procedure takes about an hour. After surgery the ears must be covered with a dressing for several days. You’ll probably wear a light dressing for sleep for another few weeks, so you don’t accidentally disturb the healing tissues. Most people are up and around a day or two after surgery.

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