Birmingham Plastic Surgeon Develops New Eyelid Rejuvenation Surgery

Dr. Grady Core, a board certified plastic surgeon in Birmingham, Alabama, has developed a new technique for lower eyelid rejuvenation using no incision either front of or behind the lower eyelid. Dr. Core uses a minimally invasive technique which approaches from the corner of the eye with a tiny incision and thus avoids the risk of the eye shape being distorted.

Dr. Core has received the award by the American Society of Plastic Surgery for the top cosmetic presentation for this work at the 2013 annual meeting, and has also been invited by the New York Academy of Medicine to present this groundbreaking research there this May 2014. Dr. Core was previously cited for his work on lower eyelid and forehead rejuvenation by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery also receiving the Tiffany award for the top scientific presentation at the 2010 annual meeting in Boston.

For further information on the new eyelid technique or any of Dr. Core’s methods, call 205-397-2100.

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