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Latisse® is a treatment that helps you increase the length, density, and thickness of your eyelashes. To add drama to your expression, consider a visit to our Core Plastic Surgery. Under the esteemed leadership of Grady Core, M.D., F.A.C.S., a board-certified Birmingham plastic surgeon, we offer solutions to lackluster lashes. Conveniently located in Birmingham, Dr. Core proudly serves Mountain Brook, Hoover, and the surrounding Alabama communities. Latisse is perfect for women who want to enhance their eyes and look more feminine. Contact us or call (205) 397-2100. We also offer remote consultations from the privacy of your smart device or personal computer. No matter where you log on, Dr. Core wants to connect with you.


Hair has its own life cycle. When you see active, vibrant growth, that is because a follicle is in its anagen phase. When hair progresses to the catagen phase, it stops growing in preparation for new growth to take its place. Next comes the telogen phase, when old hair thins out. The telogen phase is considered a “resting” period for follicles. Without proper motivation, hair growth may sit dormant for months at a time, just waiting for the proper stimulation.

That's where Latisse comes in. Latisse is formulated with bimatoprost, a powerful solution that helps follicles evolve from the telogen phase to anagen. [1, 2] Essentially, Latisse ushers the life cycle of treated hair forward brilliantly and productively. As the only FDA-approved prescription treatment for eyelashes, Latisse grows eyelashes so that women have longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. Latisse works to extend the anagen phase of the hair cycle to increase the number of lashes in this growth phase.

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Benefits Of Latisse

The average eye blinks once every three and a half seconds. That means that within the span of a minute, the eyes flutter and dazzle approximately 17 times. Every 60 seconds translates into 17 opportunities to showcase your sparkling expression, courtesy of Dr. Core and his trusty assistant, Latisse. Using Latisse Birmingham patients can increase growth and make eyelashes thicker, longer, and darker, and additionally offers the following benefits:

  • At-home treatment (after consultation and prescription)
  • Enduring results with consistent applications
  • FDA approved
  • Non-surgical, non-invasive
  • Safe, stunning, and styled to your specifications

To experience the benefits for yourself, contact our Birmingham office at your earliest convenience.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for Latisse have sparse or brittle eyelashes and want to enhance their appearance. Dr. Core can determine your eligibility for Latisse treatment during your comprehensive consultation. Please inform the doctor if you have glaucoma or any sensitivity to products containing bimatoprost. [3] Latisse may not be appropriate for clients with high levels of intraocular pressure (IOP). IOP measures the amount of fluid in the eye and can be assessed by an eye care specialist. If you need help with a referral or have any questions about your candidacy for Latisse enhancements, please do not hesitate to call (205) 397-2100.

Private Latisse Consultation

Eye contact is a powerful force. When you lock eyes with someone, you can convey volumes of information without saying a word. Dr. Core would love to know the story your eyes tell, and he will respond with a strategy to amplify their voice. In an effort to connect with our Birmingham friends and neighbors, we regularly update our blog. Keep an eye on our posts and be on the lookout for information regarding Latisse and other eye enhancement procedures. Feel free to bring any questions you may have with you to your consultation appointment. After all, an informed client is a healthy client.

Contact Dr. Core's office today to schedule your consultation! Grady Core, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a board-certified plastic surgeon. In addition to his surgical prowess, Dr. Core also provides MedSpa services to people living in and around Birmingham, Mountain Brook, and across the Southeast. Latisse is just one of the many services Dr. Core administers to diminish the signs of aging and help patients enjoy a younger appearance.

Birmingham Latisse model with eyes closed

Preparation And Procedure

During your comprehensive consultation for Latisse Birmingham aesthetic experts at Core Plastic Surgery will provide you with detailed instructions on how to apply Latisse from the comfort of your home. Dr. Core and his team of aesthetic experts can demonstrate the Latisse process for you during your office visit, but then you are empowered to continue the treatment on your own. It is important to prepare your eyes by cleansing them and making sure you remove all eye makeup. The gentle cleansing routine will also remove any lingering dead skin cells, clearing the way for rejuvenation along the lash line. Latisse treatments are ideally performed each night before bed. You simply apply a drop of Latisse on the applicator and gently swab it across the upper lash line. Be sure to dab away any excess solution to prevent it from dripping down your face.

The stimulating serum in Latisse will activate the power of your own follicles as you sleep. Do not exceed more than one application of Latisse per day. Dr. Core and his associates can help you set a schedule and determine how long you need to maintain Latisse treatment. Feel free to contact our help desk with any questions you may have on your journey to long, luscious lashes.

After Applying Latisse

There is no recovery downtime associated with Latisse treatment. Since the solution is applied at bedtime, it is easy to let the follicles absorb Latisse as you sleep. Some of our Birmingham Latisse patients have reported some slight itching upon application, but this is temporary and goes away quickly. Wake up to a brand new you, thanks to Latisse!

Latisse Results

The results from Latisse treatments are gradual and get more radiant over time. The treatment works on the lashes during the growth phase and achieves the full results after about 12 weeks. If you stop using Latisse, your lashes will return to their original state.

To eyeball your future satisfaction, take a look at our stellar reviews. They shimmer as stunningly as your lashes will after a Latisse regimen from Core Plastic Surgery. We are committed to providing 5-star service to Birmingham, Alabama and beyond. To join the ranks of our happy, healthy clientele, call (205) 397-2100 and schedule a consultation.

Complementary Procedures

Latisse will help bring luster and life to your look, but beauty exists beyond the eye(lashes) of the beholder. To extend the benefits of cosmetic rejuvenation, consider the full suite of services that Dr. Core offers.


Remarkable eyelashes are easy to achieve with Latisse, but sometimes, the eyelids themselves need attention. A blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) can address drooping, weary lids. By simply removing excess skin and tightening the look of the lids, Dr. Core delivers dazzling results that will make people look twice!


Sagging skin can affect more than just the eyelid region of the face. To contour the entirety of your appearance, explore the wonders of a facelift procedure at Core Plastic Surgery. The key to a great enhancement is subtlety. Dr. Core can gently lift lax skin, remove unwanted fat deposits, and elevate your profile to its natural, youthful position.


If you are interested in erasing persistent wrinkles but aren't convinced that surgery is right for you, dip your toes in the waters of aesthetic improvement with Botox Cosmetic. Every time your face makes an expression, whether it is a wink, smile or frown, the fine muscles contract. Over time, these repetitive motions pull at the skin and form deep creases. Botox is a neuromodulator, which means it eases muscular contractions in the treatment area. Your skin will enjoy smooth serenity after a Botox session at Core Plastic Surgery.

Dermal Fillers

Another common reason for facial wrinkles is the loss of volume beneath the surface of the skin. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen. The depletion of collagen results in gaps, allowing the skin to hang farther away from the soft tissue and musculature lining the face. Dermal fillers literally fill the gaps left by time and neglect. Solutions like Juvéderm add volume to sagging cheeks and smooth skin from within. To discuss the many options available at Core Plastic Surgery, contact us today!

Latisse Frequently Asked Questions

You deserve the best care at the right cost. Dr. Core provides transparent pricing for all of his treatments, and he can quote you an exact cost for Latisse during your comprehensive consultation. We accept cash, checks and credit cards in addition to offering financing through CareCredit®. Core Plastic Surgery also promotes occasional specials, so check back often to reap the rewards of our dedication to your cosmetic improvement.


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