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Increase the length, density, and thickness of your lashes with Latisse®.

At Core Plastic Surgery, Grady Core, M.D., F.A.C.S., a board-certified plastic surgeon, offers Latisse to women in Birmingham, Mountain Brook, and the surrounding communities, who want to enhance their eyes and look more feminine.

What is Latisse?

As the only FDA-approved prescription treatment for eyelashes, Latisse grows eyelashes so that women have longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. Latisse works to extend the anagen phase of the hair cycle to increase the number of lashes in this growth phase.

Benefits of Latisse

Latisse increases lash growth by making them thicker, longer, and darker, and offers the following benefits:

  • At home treatment
  • Continued results with applications
  • FDA approved

Who is a Good Candidate for Latisse?

Ideal candidates for Latisse have sparse or brittle eyelashes and want to enhance their appearance.

How Do I Prepare for Latisse treatments?

Latisse treatments are done at home each night before bed.

It is important to prepare your eyes by cleansing them and making sure you remove all eye makeup.

What is Involved in My Latisse Treatments?

With Latisse treatments, you simply apply a drop of Latisse on the applicator and gently take it across the upper lash line. You get detailed directions on how to apply your Latisse treatments as well.

What to Expect After Latisse

There is no recovery downtime. Since the treatment is applied at bedtime, it is easy to let it be absorbed into the follicles as you sleep. You may have some slight itching upon application, but this is temporary and goes away quickly.

When Will I See the Results from Latisse?

The results from Latisse treatments are gradual and take place over time. The treatment works on the lashes during the growth phase and achieves the full results after about 12 weeks. If you stop using Latisse, your lashes will return to their original state.

How Much Does Latisse Cost in Birmingham?

We accept cash, checks and credit cards in addition to offering financing through CareCredit®.

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