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Experience a Subtle Lip Lift

Kysse at Core Plastic Surgery

Under the expertise of Dr. Grady Core, Core Plastic Surgery is proud to offer Restylane Kysse, a revolutionary lip filler designed to enhance volume and smooth out fine lines around the mouth, producing stunning and natural-looking results. Dr. Core is committed to providing treatments that give our patients the confidence and appearance they desire.

Birmingham Kysse patient receiving treatment

Fuller, Softer Lips

What is Kysse?

Restylane Kysse is an innovative dermal filler specifically developed for the lips and the area around them. It uses XpresHAn Technology, a unique cross-linking process that creates a filler capable of molding your tissue and providing a softer, more natural feel. With Kysse Birmingham patients can experience fuller, well-defined lips and diminished lines around the mouth.

A Natural Approach to Lip Enhancement

What are the benefits of Kysse?

Restylane Kysse, unlike many other lip fillers, offers a subtle enhancement of the lips, ensuring a natural-looking result. This fine-tunes your overall complexion without detracting from your natural facial attributes while still offering a noticeable enhancement. Made with hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally present in the human body, Restylane Kysse is FDA-approved, ensuring safety and efficacy. Ideal for augmenting lip volume and smoothing out mild wrinkles around the lips, Restylane Kysse delivers enduring results. Thanks to its hyaluronic acid composition, the injections meld naturally into the lip tissue, making it so subtle that it's not noticeable you've had injections. Kysse offers several benefits:

Natural Look and Feel: The unique properties of Kysse create results that are visually appealing and natural to the touch.

Long-Lasting: Kysse provides longer-lasting results than other lip fillers, with results lasting up to a year.

Improved Lip Texture and Color: Kysse adds volume and enhances lip color and texture, making lips appear healthier and more youthful.

Birmingham Lip Boost

Your Kysse Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Core will take the time to understand your aesthetic goals and thoroughly evaluate your facial structure to determine if Kysse is the most suitable treatment for you. This tailored approach guarantees that each patient achieves the best possible results. The consultation session is designed to inform you about what to anticipate during the treatment, the results, and the recovery process. Your aesthetic specialist will be at hand to address any queries you might have about Restylane Kysse while simultaneously formulating a treatment plan customized to your needs.

They will provide detailed information on the duration of the treatment and advise on the optimal timing for your next appointment. At Core Plastic Surgery, Dr. Grady Core is committed to ensuring that you never feel pressured to undergo any treatment or make a hasty decision regarding your care. Therefore, most of our consultation sessions extend beyond forty-five minutes, allowing us to get to know you as both an individual and a patient and to ensure that you are fully informed before moving forward with any treatment.

Birmingham Kysse model with brown hair

Advanced Lip Volume

Your Kysse Procedure

The Restylane Kysse procedure is simple and quick. A fine needle is used to strategically inject the Kysse filler into your lips; a topical numbing cream may be included to maintain comfort. To guarantee an even distribution of the product, Dr. Core may employ a gentle massage technique. Once the injections are done, he will evaluate the outcome to ensure that the desired volume and shape have been accomplished. The treatment typically takes less than an hour, making it a perfect lunchtime procedure.

Picture-Perfect Pout

Kysse Results

Your Birmingham Kysse treatment will yield significantly fuller and more defined lips that harmonize seamlessly with the rest of your facial features, contributing to an overall beautifully enhanced appearance. While you'll notice an immediate boost in lip volume post-treatment, the full, final results will materialize after about two weeks when the product has fully integrated into your lip tissue. Please note that Restylane Kysse isn't a permanent treatment. Its effects typically last up to twelve months, although many patients prefer to arrange their follow-up treatments around the six-to-nine-month mark to maintain optimal results.

Smile With Confidence

Kysse Recovery and Aftercare

The recovery period for Restylane Kysse is minimal, making it a stellar choice for those in pursuit of a swift cosmetic enhancement. Mild swelling, bruising, or redness might be seen in the initial stages post-treatment, typically around the injection sites, but these side effects are generally short-lived, resolving within a few days. By the two-week mark, you can expect to see the finalized results of your Restylane Kysse treatment. In the first twenty-four hours following your treatment, it's recommended to avoid touching your lips, engaging in rigorous activity, consuming alcohol, smoking, or exposing yourself to high temperatures. After this initial twenty-four-hour period, it's safe to resume your make-up routine and the application of other facial products.

Kysse Frequently Asked Questions

Restylane Kysse is FDA-approved and is considered a safe treatment for enhancing lip volume and smoothing lines around the mouth.

While results from Restylane Kysse can last up to a year, optimal results are maintained with touch-up treatments. Dr. Core will provide treatment recommendations to maintain your results.

Ideal candidates for Restylane Kysse are adults seeking to augment or rejuvenate the volume of their lips for a naturally enhanced appearance. It is not advisable to undergo Restylane Kysse treatment if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a medical condition that could impede your body's healing process.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and get you on your way to beautiful, natural-looking results. Contact us.

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