How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon

While there are a good many plastic surgeons out there, it seems most prospective patients don’t understand the basic professional differences among surgeons. The differences can be those of a surgeon’s academic and professional achievements, surgical experience, and/or record of patient success. This misunderstanding is only made worse by the plethora of marketing campaigns aimed at making everyone sound “World Famous”.

While anyone can sound great with a good marketing pitch, it is important for you as a patient to know what to look for in a surgeon. If you are like most people, you want the best. You want more than just the slick marketing and the appearance of a quality operation.

Do you want more information on what goes into finding a surgeon who has the experience, capability, and credentials to make your experience as low risk and satisfactory as possible? Through Dr. Core, who has expertise and years of knowledge and experience, we will share with you what we look for when spotting the best surgeons out there.

Over the next few weeks, check back to read more about the factors to help you tell the difference between a business that is just trying to make a number out of you versus someone who is a real doctor.

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