Look and Feel Younger with a Breast Lift

breast lift

While breast augmentation surgery remains the most popular elective surgery in the country – breast lift surgery is quickly growing in popularity. Breast lifts are different than augmentations in that they do not utilize implants and do not enlarge the size of the breasts.

The truth is that not all women seek larger breasts. In fact, many women who have never considered breast surgery in the past now visit our office to discuss their options for a breast lift. The aging process, as well as significant weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding can all cause the breasts to lower in position.

breast lift procedure can elevate the breast tissue and tighten the skin around the breasts, creating better contours and a more youthful appearance. If you’re ready to take years off of your appearance and feel like your old self again, consider breast lift surgery.

During a breast lift incisions are made inside the armpit or around the areola of the breast. The skin will then be tightened and excess skin removed and closed with sutures. It will take about one week to recover and have your stitches removed, although you may remain sore for several weeks following surgery.

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