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Ear-Resistible Ear Enhancement With Otoplasty

At Core Plastic Surgery in Birmingham Otoplasty is a cosmetic ear surgery to correct protrusion and other malformations. Protruding ears can cause a lot of issues in terms of embarrassment and self-consciousness. Core Plastic Surgery is 'ear for you. Dr. Grady Core is a board-certified plastic surgeon who corrects protruding, excessively large or misshaped ears. He performs otoplasty for his Alabama community and their children. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Call (205) 397-2100 to speak with one of our helpful representatives. We also offer Virtual Consultations to meet the dynamic needs of our patients.


Also called ear surgery, otoplasty is done to correct or reshape the ears when they are excessively large, misshaped or protruding. The objective is to make them more proportionate to the rest of the face. Otoplasty is easily performed on small children whose ears cause unfair and unwelcome ridicule. Ears that stick out are an especially serious problem for children. Prominent ears can make a child the victim of merciless teasing, jokes and derogatory nicknames. In most cases, repositioning the ears back alongside the head solves the problem completely.[1] That's why the sooner in life the problem is corrected, the better. Ear surgery or otoplasty in Alabama can be done as early as four or five years old (before entering school), and, of course, at any time for adults.

Perhaps you’re a parent seeking to ease your child’s social strain through adolescence. If you’re an adult, references to ridicule may be all too familiar to you as you have likely lived with your burdensome ears for all your life. Protruding ears are genetic, as well, so if you or your children have suffered the embarrassment of congenitally malformed ears, then it is likely that others in your family have as well. Whatever the case, you can keep up with all the latest at Core Plastic Surgery by reading our blog.

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Benefits of Otoplasty:

  • Minimal scarring
  • Long-lasting results
  • Enhances appearance and self-esteem
  • The outpatient procedure is performed under local anesthesia (in adults)


Otoplasty is a popular surgery with children and adults. It corrects protruding, misshapen or poorly positioned ears so that those suffering from this stigma can achieve their goal to look like everyone else. Other issues, such as cupped ears or ears that are smaller than they should be, can be corrected through ear surgery.[2]


Many experts agree (and Dr. Grady Core is among them) that the best age for otoplasty is between the ages of four and fourteen. Ear surgery is a safe and simple procedure from which young children tend to recover rather quickly. In Alabama, it is perfectly normal and even advisable to correct any excess protrusion before the child reaches school age.[3]

Your Private Consultation at Core Plastic Surgery

Welcome! Our pleased patients' extravagant reviews are always sure to mention our beautiful offices at Core Plastic Surgery. However, you may opt for one of our remote Virtual Consultations, if you're so inclined. Either way, we can't wait to meet you! Dr. Grady Core is a curious and thorough medical professional. At your private consultation, he and his team will conduct a brief physical examination and a review of your medical records. If the patient is a child, Dr. Core will evaluate his or her physical and emotional fitness for surgery. At the consultation's conclusion, Dr. Core shall qualify you or your child for otoplasty. Contact us to schedule your private consultation at Core Plastic Surgery.

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Every patient receives personalized instructions to help them best prepare for their procedure and recovery. It is important to emotionally prepare children for surgery, as it may seem very scary. The preparation varies slightly with children. Other steps for preparation involve receiving pre-op instructions to follow before the surgery to help ensure a successful procedure with fewer side effects.


Though there are different approaches to the otoplasty procedure, the most common one involves reshaping or removing some of the cartilage behind the ear.[4] This pulls the ear back, flat against the head. If the ears are oversized, they can be reduced and reshaped at the same time. Since the incision is made on the back of the ear, any scar is faint and easily concealed by the natural creases there.

Recovery & Results

The procedure takes about an hour. After surgery, the ears must be covered with a dressing for several days. You'll probably wear a light dressing while sleeping for another few weeks, so you don't accidentally disturb the healing tissues. Most people are up and around a day or two after surgery. You can see the results immediately following surgery. However, there may be some bruising or swelling for a few days or weeks after the procedure. The results are long-lasting and give patients, especially children, more self-confidence.


Otoplasty's results are long-lasting. They will provide you with a lifetime of charming features free from protrusion or an aesthetically dissonant symmetry. However, ear cartilage is very elastic, so there is always some forward movement of the ears after the operation.

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Dr. Grady Core's full suite of Facial Surgery options are designed to encourage symmetry and promote your inner beauty. With the precision of a grand symphony, the doctor will often deploy several cosmetic procedures (simultaneously or in a specific sequence) to achieve even greater heights of wonder than any single operation could accomplish on its own.

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All of our facial procedures at Core Plastic Surgery, in Alabama, are intended to enhance your intrinsic beauty, rather than change your essential appearance. We want to help the inner you shine through!

How Much Does Otoplasty Cost in Birmingham?

The cost of otoplasty is different with each patient depending on the extent of the enhancement. We go over the costs with you during your consultation, and explain our payment and financing options offered through CareCredit. There are other opportunities to save, as well. Watch our specials page for frequent deals. Grady Core, M.D., F.A.C.S., a board-certified plastic surgeon, offers plastic and reconstructive surgery to people living in and around Birmingham, Mountain Brook, and across the Southeast. Contact Dr. Core's office today to schedule your consultation!

Core Plastic Surgery
is ’Ear For You

It can be hard to find a friend eager to listen to your ear troubles, but Core Plastic Surgery is 'ear for you. We provide ear-resistible ear enhancement to grateful patients across Alabama and throughout the South. Growing up is hard enough without protruding ears (it's no picnic for grown-ups, either). Dr. Grady Core can help.

Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) Frequently Asked Questions

You may find sleeping in a reclining chair preferable to your bed for the first several days after surgery. The idea is to rest with your head elevated so as to encourage healing and avoid damaging your surgery. Very often with an otoplasty Birmingham patients will need to get revision surgery because their ears were injured during something as simple as sleeping. You should rest with your head elevated in a recliner for at least the first week after surgery.

An underdeveloped antihelical fold is the most common culprit in cases of protruding ears. When the antihelical fold does not form correctly, it makes the outer rim of the ear stick out excessively. Misshapen ears can also result from a deep concha—the bowl-shaped space just outside the opening of the ear canal. In these cases, the conniving concha actually pushes the entire ear away from the side of the head.

A change in ear shape will not necessarily affect hearing. Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure intended to enhance the aesthetics of the outer ear. Ear surgery does not affect the inner ear, where auditory perception takes place.


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