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Rhinoplasty Explained

Rhinoplasty at Core Plastic Surgery

Proudly serving Birmingham and Mountain Brook, Alabama, Dr. Grady Core boasts a successful track record in executing various rhinoplasty and nasal procedures. He has even undertaken complex reconstructions for patients who have lost their noses due to cancer or trauma. Reach out to us for a consultation to learn more about how rhinoplasty can help you achieve your goals. Don't hesitate to contact us and schedule your consultation.

Reclaiming Facial Harmony & Symmetry

What is Rhinoplasty?

At Core Plastic Surgery in Birmingham Rhinoplasty is the medical term for a cosmetic procedure performed on the nose to correct, improve or enhance its shape. This brings it more in balance with the rest of your facial features. It is a cosmetic procedure but is also done to help patients with breathing issues. [2] Offered at our Convenient Location in Birmingham, Alabama, you can learn more about rhinoplasty and the many other procedures we perform at Core Plastic Surgery by keeping up with our blog.

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Tailored Solutions

What are the benefits of Rhinoplasty?

In most cases, while making cosmetic changes to the nose, our surgeon, Dr. Core, will take advantage of the opportunity to open up your airways, if necessary, to improve your breathing. This will help you sleep better and may positively impact your athletic performance. A nose job is a small price to pay to improve virtually any aspect of the nose.


  • Improves breathing issues
  • Reduces the size of a very large nose
  • Restores the nose’s appearance following trauma

See what our amazing patients have to say about their results. Read our reviews!

Ideal Candidates

Many of those who can benefit from rhinoplasty may not be happy with the appearance of their nose. Others may have chronic breathing issues, while some may have suffered trauma to the nose and require surgery to restore its appearance.


Patients are eligible for a nose job at around 16 years old for girls and 17 for boys. However, just as important as a teen’s physical readiness for rhinoplasty is his or her mental readiness. [1] It is important that the young person is mature enough to handle the strain of surgery. They should be guided by sound motives and tempered by realistic expectations.

Let Your Nose Take The Lead

Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

Your nose sits right at the center of your face. What can you do if it is oversized or asymmetrical? There’s no avoiding a misshapen nose. But you don’t have to endure it. Your nose will know its role at Core Plastic Surgery. We help our patients look and feel their best. Dr. Grady Core is proud to serve the people living in and around Birmingham and Mountain Brook, Alabama, with the very best in aesthetic enhancement. Contact us for consultation. Call (205) 397-2100 to learn more about how rhinoplasty can help you achieve your goals. Or, if you prefer, we offer Virtual Consultations, as well.

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Dr. Core will meet with you in a private setting in our beautiful office and hear your concerns. After he examines you, he will determine your candidacy for rhinoplasty. If you have an associated breathing issue from a deviated septum or other associated issue, he may also determine the need for an additional procedure such as a septoplasty or turbinate reduction. In addition, if you had a previous rhinoplasty you are unhappy with, he will discuss with you the options for undergoing a secondary rhinoplasty for correction.

Our patient's reviews attest to Dr. Core's skill in rhinoplasty accumulated from over 25 years in the practice of plastic surgery.

Dr. Core has successfully executed many cases of rhinoplasty and all other types of nasal procedures. He has even completely reconstructed noses lost from cancer or trauma. Contact us to schedule your consultation. Call our office at (205) 397-2100 to speak with one of our courteous medical professionals who will help guide you.

Perfect Proportions

Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Nose surgery is done with you asleep and comfortable. It generally takes one or two hours. There are no visible scars because Dr. Core performs all work from the inside of the nose. After surgery, a splint is placed on your nose, providing the best protection for its new shape. A nasal pad is often fitted into each nostril for support. [3] In open rhinoplasty, Dr. Core's incisions are made in the vertical strip of skin at the septum called the columella. He lifts the nose skin like the hood of a car so that he has unfettered access to your inner nasal workings. It is a delicate surgical procedure requiring the utmost care. 

Conversely, closed rhinoplasty is a technique that is far less involved. Closed rhinoplasty is used for minor nose reshaping. Dr. Core makes the incisions within the nose. It's basic facial sculpting from there. Bone and cartilage can be removed, contoured, augmented, or rearranged to achieve the desired new shape. Sometimes, revision rhinoplasty may be necessary. Dr. Core performs revision rhinoplasty to correct persistent issues that develop after a previous nose surgery. Although the problems may be minor and easily corrected, they can also be more complex. This makes a revision nose job more difficult.  Finally, you may not have to undergo surgery to enjoy the benefits of a nose job. Non-surgical rhinoplasty involves the use of injectable fillers to plump depressions and smooth sharp angles. On a temporary basis, at least, injectable dermal fillers like Bellafill can reduce the appearance of imperfections or change the angle of the nose to restore symmetry.

The Beauty of Your Unique Profile

Rhinoplasty Results

Usually, the changes to your post-surgery nose are not drastic and will improve your appearance without drawing attention to your nose. However, if your nose was very large and if Dr. Core removed a hump of considerable size for reshaping, then the results from a nose job will be immediate and dramatic. Unlike some procedures, which offer only temporary improvements, quality nasal reshaping surgery is long-lasting.

Do the results from a nose job last forever?

The results of rhinoplasty surgery are long-lasting. However, it may take up to a year for your new nasal contour to fully flourish. While your swelling subsides, you may notice gradual changes in the appearance of your nose. As your body ages, it is natural to have some changes to your face, including your nose. A healthy lifestyle and life-long sun protection will help extend the results of your new appearance.

Everlasting Excellence

Rhinoplasty Recovery and Aftercare

You will be up and moving around a day or two after your reshaping surgery. During your recovery from a nose job in Alabama, any discomfort you experience can be controlled by medication. You can place cold compresses on your eyes to reduce swelling and bruising. The nasal packing comes out in a couple of days after surgery, and the splint will come off in less than a week.

After your bespoke nose job and custom facial sculpting, your recovery will include bruising around your eyes. This will start to fade after a couple of days and will totally subside within a few weeks. Most patients return to work within a week, using makeup to cleverly cover any remaining blue bruising. There will be subtle swelling of the nose, which slowly subsides over time. Therefore, you may not see the final results from your rhinoplasty until after several months to a year after your procedure.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Frequently Asked Questions

We advise that you brush your teeth carefully and with the utmost care. Mindfulness is key because you will want to exercise extra caution when performing vigorous actions so close to your surgery site. You see, your upper lip is connected to your nose. So be gentle. And be aware. Many postoperative injuries happen when people are not acting out of awareness. Absentmindedness is the enemy. Avoid blowing your nose for two weeks following rhinoplasty! If your nose is running, gently dab it with a tissue.

There’s just no way around the fact that, since the nose sits at the center of the face, it has a significant impact on your appearance. A nose job can reduce the overall size and change the shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty reshapes the nose to address exaggerated features.

Rhinoplasty generally takes three hours (or less). It is an outpatient procedure. In a less invasive “closed rhinoplasty,” incisions are made within the nostrils. “Open rhinoplasty” is a more involved procedure and so it may take more time to perform.

With a Rhinoplasty Birmingham patients' cost can vary and based on what they correct and whether other procedures are done at the same time. At your personal consultation, Dr. Core can discuss your potential costs as well as any financing options we have available through CareCredit®. Watch our specials page for frequent deals. Don't miss any of our exciting events with additional opportunities to save! If your rhinoplasty is done to correct breathing issues or to treat trauma. Contact us to learn more!


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