Hair Transplant

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NeoGraft and ARTAS are two advanced hair transplant technologies that are more precise and effective than traditional approaches. Before the introduction of these semi-automated hair loss solutions, patients had to endure extensive, painful procedures that often produced uneven results and noticeable scarring. Stories of adverse outcomes often led many patients to avoid hair transplantation altogether, opting for less reliable, simpler solutions. 

If this sounds like you, then you might already know that DIY hair loss treatments don’t quite live up to their promises. But now, with the NeoGraft and ARTAS systems, you have a choice when it comes to reversing your hair loss. These two devices let you regrow your hair naturally. 

If you would like to experience these remarkable results for yourself, the first step is to schedule a consultation at our Birmingham offices. Here, Dr. Grady Core and his team of cosmetic specialists will outline your best path for a fuller head of hair. Don’t suffer through hair loss alone. With NeoGraft and ARTAS, there’s now a hair loss solution you can trust. 

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About Hair Loss

To say hair loss is common might be an understatement. After all, 85% of men and 40% of women will experience varying degrees of hair loss during their lifetime.[1] And contrary to popular belief, hair loss doesn’t just affect the older generations. Researchers speculate that 25% of the men who experience hair loss will begin thinning before the age of 21.[2] Although most will experience hair loss, it’s still a taboo subject and often becomes a major insecurity. For some, hair loss signifies a loss of youth. For others, a full head of hair is a sign of masculine or feminine beauty. So, if you’ve noticed your hair looks thinner or your hairline is creeping back, you are certainly not alone

What Is FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the approach perfected by NeoGraft and ARTAS, is when healthy hair follicles are relocated from donor areas of the head to bald spots or thinning regions. Usually, donor areas are along the sides and back of the head. Previous hair transplantation methods include follicular unit transplantation (FUT). This procedure involved removing a strip of skin from the back of the head and plucking individual follicles from it. These follicles would then be transplanted to targeted areas around the crown and top of the head.

One of FUT’s most notable downsides is the noticeable linear scar that was left behind on the back of the patient’s head. This scar limited hairstyles and could often be seen through light-colored hair. Not only does FUE avoid a noticeable linear scar, but it also offers quicker recovery and less post-operative discomfort.[3] 

The Power of NeoGraft

Rather than extracting hair follicles from a strip of skin, NeoGraft removes groups of follicles directly from the donor areas – one grouping is known as a graft. During a NeoGraft procedure, a transplantation technician uses the handheld NeoGraft device to extract the desired amount of grafts (typically around 1,500-2,000). This semi-automated device carefully relocates the grafts at a uniform depth, allowing for even results. Patients who choose NeoGraft can look forward to seeing a restored head of hair – without the worry of a distracting scar. 

The Precision of ARTAS

ARTAS, on the other hand, is not a handheld device but rather an automated machine that robotically transplants healthy grafts to thinning areas. This all-in-one system calibrates to the unique area of your head before calculating a personalized approach.

The ARTAS System uses a robotic arm to extract healthy follicles from donor areas before placing them in balding areas at equal depths and distances. Because ARTAS is almost completely automated, the room for error is decreased significantly. With ARTAS, you can see a fuller head of hair with a shorter procedure.

Personal Consultation

If this is your first time with us, we will begin with a new patient intake interview and a physical examination. We will ask about your hair loss and note the areas that appear balding or thinning. Then, we will look for healthy donor areas on the sides and back of your head. All of this will help in forming your personalized treatment plan. Once we’ve decided on an approach, we’ll give you a comprehensive list of preparatory and recovery guidelines. 

How Much Are NeoGraft and ARTAS in Birmingham?

The cost of your hair transplants will depend on which FUE system we use in your procedure. We will discuss and determine the unique cost of your care during your initial consultation. To learn more about our services and the growing trends in the cosmetic surgery industry, check out Dr. Core’s blog. If you have any questions, our front desk staff would be happy to help! Call us directly at (205) 397-2100


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