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Benefits of Transaxillary Endoscopic Augmentation Mammoplasty

Transaxillary Endoscopic Augmentation Mammoplasty (TEAM) is really just a fancy way of saying the scar from your breast augmentation procedure will be in your armpit, and not on your breast. Because many, if not most, women who get breast augmentation would prefer their new appearance to be scar free, this is an ideal procedure to avoid having to explain to people where that scar on your breast came from.

Procedural Benefits The TEAM procedure has been done for 15 years by Dr. Core mainly for those women having saline implants inserted, and now Dr. Core has adapted the procedure to where it can also be performed for those receiving silicone gel implants. Under general anesthesia or IV sedation, a 2.5 centimeter incision is made in the armpit and for silicone a ‘T’ shaped incision is made which is 4 centimeters in longest dimension, and an endoscope is placed through the incision and used to visualize the space under or above the muscle where the pocket for the implant is created. An endoscope is a tube attached with a camera to allow Dr. Core to see the procedure from a television screen in a very clear and up close manner which allows for extreme precision. The benefit is that the endoscope will let Dr. Core have complete control; there is no “blind dissection” of the pocket area. Blind dissection leads to trauma, bruising, and potentially increases the risk of the implant getting hard through a process called capsular contracture. The endoscopic procedure Dr. Core has used has a very low rate of hardening of around 1% where as the national average is around 3%.

In addition to avoiding a scar on the breast, TEAM works well for those whose areolar is small. Because the incision is made in the armpit, most people will never know it’s there and it will fade quickly. Finally because Dr. Core is able to clearly see what he is doing, the chances of asymmetry are lessened.

Dr. Core is one of the originators of this procedure, which first came into practice in 1992. He has more experience than most cosmetic surgeons when it comes to transaxillary endoscopic augmentation mammoplasty.

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