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Birmingham Plastic Surgeon Delivers Award-Winning Presentation On New Blepharoplasty Technique

Dr. Grady Core developed a unique method of lower eyelid surgery to achieve rejuvenation and presented the technique at the annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Birmingham, AL – Dr. Grady Core, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Birmingham, was invited to present his work on Lower Lid Rejuvenation at the annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). His talk, titled “Progressive Indications for Lower Lid Muscle Lifting,” was presented in a peer-reviewed setting and culminates his 14 years of research into the development of a new technique to minimize the risks of lower lid blepharoplasty while still achieving rejuvenation. For his work, Dr. Core received the Tiffany Award, which is given for the best scientific presentation at the meeting.

The main talking points of Dr. Grady’s presentation focused on:

  • Lifting the muscle of the lower eyelid as the primary basis of a rejuvenated look
  • In select patients, it is not necessary to make an incision either in front of or behind the lower eyelid where traditional incisions are made

When asked what the reception of the Tiffany Award means to him, Dr. Core, who founded Core Plastic Surgery – a Birmingham plastic surgery practice – replied, “It is gratifying that my work is recognized by my peers as being an important contribution.” According to a news article published after the ASAPS meeting, Dr. Core’s new technique for performing lower eyelid surgery without a traditional lateral incision is “the first innovation in plastic surgery for the lower eyelid blepharoplasty incision in over twenty years.”

The new eyelid surgery procedure – called lateral access lower lid recontouring – both lifts and tightens the lower eyelid, and according to Dr. Core, is ideal for patients who have signs of lower lid aging without a lot of excess skin, such as deep grooves and fat pockets under the eyes. During the procedure, the lower eyelid is completely re-contoured and lifted without invading the structures that might lead to internal scarring and retraction which is the most common risk with traditional incisions.

About Grady Core, MD

Dr. Grady Core completed his plastic surgery training at the world renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He is regarded as one of the inventors of endoscopic (minimally invasive) plastic surgery. Dr. Core is available for interview upon request.

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