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Cosmetic injectables by surgeons

Consumers who seek to obtain the benefits of injectable agents such as Botox ©, Restylane ©, Voluma ©, Juvederm©, Sculptra©, and now Kybella© should keep in mind that while these procedures may seem simple, on the other hand they are agents that are injected into and around one’s facial anatomy including nerves, muscles, vascular structures, as well as fat compartments and thus the doctor chosen to do the injection needs to be very experienced and in addition have an intimate working knowledge of the deep facial anatomy. In recent years we have seen medical specialties who have no prior experience in facial surgery or even aesthetics enter the field of cosmetic injectables driven by decreasing insurance reimbursements due to the affordable care act. Even non-physicians are now entering this arena. Typically these practitioners will use low prices to entice people to come to an unqualified or inexperienced injector. In addition severe complications have been reported with the use of facial injectables worldwide, which can occur even in the best of hands. Reports of entire sections of skin being lost from the face have been reported due to intravascular injection. While this has been an exceedingly rare complication I would expect it to increase with the entry into the market of these other injectors. Keep in mind the minor complications such as cosmetic deformity will also increase.

For reasons noted above it is my recommendation that when considering injectable agents into your face that you follow the guidelines below.

1. This is not a spa treatment it is a medical procedure so insist on the highest quality physician you can find and preferably a doctor who does cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the face.

2. Do not bargain with your body. The difference between the discounted treatments and the standard ones are not enough to justify the risks.

3. Do not jump around between different doctors once you find one who treats you successfully. Doctors, even plastic surgeons, are not interchangeable like mechanics. Each one has a unique training, experience, and aesthetic eye for beauty. Convenience does not justify the aesthetic risks. You will be happier if you take the time to go the extra mile and wait on your busy surgeon for an appointment. You can eliminate waiting by scheduling your next injectable session while you are in the office for the prior one.

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