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Designer Lifts for the Brow

As one of the original inventors for the endoscopic browlift, Dr. Core has more experience than any other plastic surgeon when it comes to using an endoscope to rejuvenate the forehead region. Over the years, Dr. Core has developed a wide variety of techniques to address the problems caused by aging on the forehead area.

Many patients have become scared of the term “browlift,” thanks to the numerous celebrities who seem to have their eyebrows pulled up halfway between their eyes and their forehead. Reticence is understandable considering the unusual appearance of some of these people.

But Dr. Core wants anyone considering a browlift to understand that the endoscopic technique can be applied in a very specific manner to precisely target problem areas. For example, most patients have problems with the outer portion of the brow. As it descends, it creates what appears to be excess skin on the upper lid and exacerbation of the crow’s feet area. By lifting the outer portion of the tail of the brow and the skin over the temporal area, a pleasing, smooth appearance can be created without any evidence that the brows have been raised at all, especially over the medial forehead. These results can be achieved with what Dr. Core calls a lateral endoscopic browlift or a “temporal lift.”

At Core Plastic Surgery, the endoscope is simply a tool that allows us to access the area behind the forehead skin in a minimally invasive manner with miniscule incisions. Then, once we have access to the area, we can then specifically correct whatever problem a patient has. Point is, all endoscopic browlifts are not the same. In Dr. Core’s practice, you can actually have a “designer browlift” and the results will thrill you. For more information on these techniques, please come see us at Core Plastic Surgery.

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