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Voluma is a new hydroxy appetite-based filler that comes from the same makers of Juvéderm and Juvéderm XC. With the goal of extending the results, the makers of Voluma have come up with an excellent product that is very soft and smooth, yet maintains a long result once injected.


Voluma is estimated to last approximately two years as opposed to Juvéderm Ultra, which lasts roughly one year. Patients need to remember, however, that the duration of these fillers is based on whether or not material is still present at the injected area. That does not necessarily mean the full effect of the injected material is still there after two years, as the effects may begin to deteriorate in approximately half the time of the product’s expected duration. However, some of the material should still be present at the two-year mark.

Target Areas

Voluma is primarily indicated for replacing mid-facial volume — the area in the mid cheek on either side of the nose, at the base of the nose, and the site of the troublesome nasolabial folds. Many amateur injectors who are not board-certified surgeons will target small, specific areas with some of these fillers, which result in patients having unusual lumpy appearances. Voluma should actually be placed deeper than some fillers in order to create a more pleasing and natural look to the mid-face. Voluma is not indicated for use in lips and other more superficial areas such as the cheeks and around the eyes.

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