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Improve Your Defense Against Surgical Scarring

Even those patients preparing for surgery due to a cosmetic condition should carefully consider their risk for surgical scarring prior to undergoing the procedure. The most skilled plastic surgeon and the most minor surgical procedures can still present a risk for scarring to some patients.

Before deciding on a specific surgical procedure, cosmetic or otherwise, it is important to discuss your concerns as well as your entire health history with Dr. Core. This includes being honest about your levels of tobacco use, alcohol consumption and information regarding both prescription and non-prescription substances that you may be taking. Include your vitamins and supplements in your list of medications.

The more information Dr. Core has, the easier it will be for him to determine your likelihood for scarring. By doing so, you can have reasonable expectations for your surgical outcome, and Dr. Core can better plan the size and location of your incisions.

Many factors outside of your control may also affect how likely you are to scar. These factors include your age, race and heredity. It is especially important to stop all tobacco use prior to your surgery and during your entire recovery period. This may not seem like an important factor to otherwise healthy patients, however nicotine can actually “kill” the skin around your surgical incision causing it to blacken and leave horrible scars.

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