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Is Smart Lipo Fading?

While many non-surgeons jumped on the bandwagon with smart lipo when the marketing hype first hit, many more plastic surgeons were actually more conscious and would not bite on this initial effort. It now appears that the results from smart lipo are not stacking up to that hype. Due to this fact, the new marketing emphasis is now on “skin tightening”. While the jury is still out on the results in general as well as the skin-tightening claim, consumers should be wary of any new technology, which suddenly changes boats in the middle of the stream. In addition, I feel consumers should try to obtain their information directly from board certified plastic surgeons and not from manufacture’s web sites in general. While most manufacturers are very cognizant of patient safety and truly want to make their products helpful for patients, on the other hand, the consumer must remember there is always financial bias inherent in any information that comes from a manufacturer. There is still no substitute for choosing a qualified plastic surgeon and visiting them in person and hearing the scoop from them directly.

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