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Latest Liposuction Techniques

Liposuction first became a popular procedure back in the 1970s. Used appropriately, liposuction is for the removal of areas of fat that remain despite healthy diet and exercise habits. It is not for those who have trouble maintaining a healthy weight, and who are looking for an easy route to fat loss. In our practice, we perform two important and successful liposuction procedures.

The Tumescent Procedure To perform the tumescent liposuction procedure, large amounts of salty solution are injected into the fatty area to be removed. Local anesthetic and adrenaline reduce postoperative pain and keep blood loss to a minimum. Filling the fatty tissue with fluid helps loosen it, so it can easily be removed with suction. Practitioners typically use this method for patients with firmer skin tone.

The Ultrasonic Procedure High frequency sound waves turn fat to liquid in the ultrasonic liposuction procedure. If patients have looser skin, many practitioners elect to use this method. Many surgeons feel this technique is for patients who tend to have loose skin. This technique can also be used correctively for stubborn, uneven areas on which liposuction has previously been performed. It can be very helpful for removing areas of excessive breast tissue in men.

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