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New Injectable Evolence

Dr. Core has recently begun use of the unique new injectable agent called Evolence. Evolence is a combination of a collagen based material which has been stabilized chemically to prevent rapid absorption by the body so it lasts much longer than prior collagen injectables. It is therefore a natural substance but has the advantage of longer durability. However, Dr. Core has found the most exciting aspect of Evolence is the immediate and dramatic results obtained in the nasolabial fold areas of patients who are good candidates. In addition, Evolence does not have a coagulant in the product so the risk of bruising and swelling go way down. Most patients can have the injection in the morning and go out to dinner that evening with no visible side effects. Evolence is now available at Core Plastic Surgery. The injection will be performed by Dr. Core himself and will be preceded by a consult to determine suitability.

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