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Surgeons are not interchangeable

Many people who are consumers in plastic surgery are under the erroneous impression that Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are interchangeable and all perform the same procedures. This is evidenced by the shopping that goes on the aesthetic marketplace for surgery wherein patient’s will baulk at the price of a highly experienced and noted surgeon and then they will have their surgery by either an inexperienced surgeon, recent graduate, or even a non-plastic surgeon. The unfortunate consequences of this behavior are seen every day in the offices of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who are asked to repair work that is substandard or inexpert. Whereas one may take their car to the dealership to have their engine repaired and there is a specific technique and instrumentation necessary in that repair, it is not the same in the world of aesthetic plastic surgery. Aesthetic surgeons not only require excellent training, as well as experience, but they also have to have the innate artistic ability to be able to see in three dimensions what their final product should be. Thus, the concept that if someone is looking for a tummy tuck for example that they can just go to any surgeon shop the price and wind up with the same product is not accurate. It would behoove you then to take your time, do your research, be sure you understand precisely all the ramifications of a surgeons background, experience, training, reputation, and their artistic approach to your particular issue. Also, in regards to reputation, I am not referring to reviews since reviews can be faked or bought. Our reputation what I am referring to, is a reputation among other plastic surgeons such as are they members of the American Association of Plastic Surgery, which is a peer selected honor society with only about 300 members worldwide. Also, are they someone who is asked to teach and speak at international meetings on particular topics? These types of peer-to-peer distinctions are the true reviews that you should be looking for.

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