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The Third Type of Implants: IDEAL Implant® in Birmingham, AL

Have you been unsure or hesitant about taking the plunge when it comes to cosmetic breast augmentation surgery? The IDEAL Implant® is a new kind of breast implant that offers a youthful shape and natural feel.

Breast Implants in Birmingham, AL How Do IDEAL Implant® Work?

The IDEAL Implant® features robust internal structuring to ensure a natural feel. The implant is made up of several layers of internal shells that create two distinct chambers containing the saline. These two chambers are designed to let the saline move to mimic natural breasts but also to prevent wrinkles and folding, which can cause internal ruptures. The result is an incredibly natural feel without any risks of dangerous silicone gel.

Benefits of IDEAL Implant®

The IDEAL Implant® has many benefits over conventional implants. During a long-term study, the patented design was found to have up to half the rupture rate of other leading implant brands at only 1.8% and a higher rupture strength threshold. Additionally, if a rupture occurs, it can be easily identified by just looking into a mirror. No expensive MRI is needed as with silicone gel breast implants.

Using a saline solution instead of silicone gel provides other benefits besides the superior feel. Silicone ruptures can be dangerous as silicone isn’t naturally absorbed into the surrounding tissues of the chest wall. The silicone gel remains in those tissues and can cause an uncomfortable “sticky” sensation.

Best of all, saline implants are filled after surgical insertion, unlike prefilled silicone implants. This lets your surgeon keep the incision much smaller and inconspicuous than those of silicone implants, which must be forced through the incision filled.

Feel Secure in Your Choice

The IDEAL Implant® is made with quality and your experience as the top priority. They are manufactured in the USA utilizing cutting-edge robotic technology to ensure quality and consistency. The FDA-inspected facility has been manufacturing high-grade medical silicone devices for over 30 years.
If you have any questions or need help getting details, schedule a consultation appointment at Core Plastic Surgery. Dr. Grady Core and his highly trained and informative staff would be happy to help you on track to a happier, more confident you with IDEAL Implant®.

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