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Tips for a Successful Plastic Surgery Experience

If you are preparing for plastic surgery, you have likely spent countless hours thinking about the physical results you would like to see. However there are other careful considerations prior to undergoing surgery. Think about the following before agreeing on a surgeon or procedure:

1. Choose the Right Surgeon

As your surgeon if he or she has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Also check to see that your surgeon has received training in plastic surgery specifically.

2. Know Your Stuff

Educating yourself is very important. This will not only relax you prior to your procedure but can also help you choose the right doctor. Research the results and potential risks to any procedure you are considering. Visit the hospital or facility where your procedure will be performed, and ask your surgeon lots of questions.

3. Set Realistic Goals

Plan to have an honest conversation with your surgeon about the results you can expect from surgery. You need to know upfront if you will not look like your favorite celebrity after surgery.

4. Maintain Your Health

Prior to undergoing any surgical procedure you should be well, have a healthy diet and exercise plan underway and quit smoking.

5. Follow Instructions

Be prepared to listen to your surgeon and follow your recovery instructions exactly. This will help improve your results and overall satisfaction with the decision to have surgery.

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