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Top 5 Tips for Plastic Surgery

If you are preparing for plastic surgery, you should follow these top 5 tips before undergoing your procedure:

1. Choose a Real Plastic Surgeon

With the advent of decreased reimbursement to doctors who depend on insurance there has been an explosion of other types of doctors trying to get into the plastic surgery business. Some have even created alternative organizations which give the impression of valid board certification and it will state on their website “Board Certified.” However, just remember that the only real plastic surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

2. Educate Yourself

Educating yourself is critical before plastic surgery. First and foremost, in choosing the right aesthetic plastic surgeon, you need the knowledge and research to understand certain qualifications to look for. When searching for the right doctor it is also important to educate yourself on the doctor’s resume, before and after pictures, and the surgical facilities.

After choosing the right aesthetic plastic surgeon, it is important to understand the procedure you want to have done. You may think they need one procedure when in fact a something else is more appropriate to achieve your aesthetic goals. Understanding and educating yourself on the procedure also helps you to understand what type of results you wish to achieve, what the procedure entails and what the recovery will be like.

3. Follow Instructions

Doctors have experience if each procedure they perform and know what to expect in your recovery; therefore, it is important to follow all of the doctors’ instructions following cosmetic surgery. Doctors understand what is best for your health and want you to achieve the most optimal results possible. Following instructions can aid in recovery by helping to avoid infections, maintain results, and minimize scarring.

4. Mentally Prepare Yourself

This means to keep your expectations reasonable and understand that you are trusting this surgeon to use his skills and knowledge and experience to do his best for you. Unrealistic expectations will make the best of results unsatisfactory to you. Also be realistic about recovery times and plan for it.

5. Stay as Healthy as Possible

If you smoke, stop immediately ,and be honest with your surgeon if you fall off the wagon. After all you are paying the surgeon to keep you safe so be honest. Also keep your diet healthy and exercise regularly before your surgery date. Patients who are in good shape do better with the healing process and recovery. Do not gain weight over the weight you were when you sought consultation. Take vitamin supplements during the pre-operative period and have them approved by the surgeon. Begin to exercise again after surgery when the doctor approves.

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