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Where Should I Place My Breast Implants? Above or Below the Muscle?

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, there are many decisions to be made. Patients must consider who they would like to perform their surgery, the size of the implants to be used as well as the type of implant.

Many patients are not aware that they will also have to determine where they would like their implant placed – either above or below the muscle on the chest wall. Placement is important because the chest muscle can provide additional support for the implant if needed and can also change the shape of the breast if desired.

Women with smaller breasts may prefer to place the implant below the chest muscle. Doing so will help shape the breast, giving it a natural appearance by smoothing the lines created by an implant.

It is also advisable to place any saline implants below the chest muscle. Because saline implants are typically firmer that silicone implants, the chest muscle can help protect the implant from damage and keep it looking as natural as possible.

An advantage to placing your implant above the chest muscle is that your breast shape will not be affected as your chest muscles are flexed and your implant not affected. In general, those patients seeking above the muscle implants are patients that have chosen silicone implants and have a significant amount of their own natural breast tissue.

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